4 Days

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Of my goal to 100, we’ve so far gathered 50 extraordinary souls to sponsor the gift of childhood for children as deserving as all. Of 90 days now hammering this hopeful landing, only 4 remain. And it won’t be by miracle or by hope that we show these children 100 people care enough to act, it will be achieved only by those who people make real sacrifice for the sake of it.

Join me in this pursuit at a moment I need you most! Commit to them, to waking one morning to a hand-written note from the child now knowing you as family… and allow your day and their sense of community to explode with light.

Twelve dollars a month. These are the faces worthy!


Mail: “We are together!”
To: brian@flyingkites.org

That simple. We’ll introduce you to these faces in days to follow.


§ One Response to 4 Days

  • Barry and Carole Jones says:

    Brain we sent in two donations, one each for Grandma and me to support your wonderful work with Flying Kites. will try to call this weekend.. Love!!!

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