Gorgeous is the Mystery

March 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

Two years ago, I drew a ‘y’ on a napkin.  One arm pointed naively, generally, abundantly toward East Africa, while the other pointed in similar suit to New York.  Both were as vague in shape as they were powerful in pull.  Choosing which vision to chase was as electrifying as it was agonizing! I wanted so badly to see into the future of both and know things I could never have known. I found peace in a choice and a feeling, dug blind as a mole and ardent as a forest fire, and my life has forever been illuminated.

Two lessons learned. The first is that it matters far more to trust in callings unknown and step toward them, than ever to question where they will lead.  And second, the Universe is an eavesdropper; a feeler; a provider for the radiant soul.  Speak, shine and even more than getting what you want, you’ll get what you need.

Where’s this all going?

In January 2013, Flying Kites has offered me the opportunity to serve as Executive Director in Brooklyn, New York.

It means a lot of things.  It means book one becomes book two – subways, neons, and a whole new kind of forest. It means a profound, creative opportunity and a whole new cultural vantage point.  But it also means gigantic change, some of which sparkles and some of which aches.  All of which we will explore together, because I am excited to announce I am taking that step.  But I need you with me.  I need you to help me make the next ten months the most epic, the most beloved, and the most meaningful.

Are you with me?!

I’m setting a new goal.  I’m going to convince you to do something remarkable, today.  I’m going to ask you to make a real commitment to one of our children by sponsoring them.  $12 a month. That’s it.  Give it a name: two less drinks; one less shirt. Give it a name! It’s a trade. And because I know the kind of heart reading this, the kind of people I love, I’m setting the goal of signing-up 100 people by May 1st

Help me show these kids and this family (and my bosses!) that they’ve put their stock in a good horse – a good mole.  Email me direct (brian@flyingkites.org) and paste this in the body:

‘I’m with you! I’m beside you! I’d like to forever change a life today.’

Together, we’ll pick a very real child and develop a very real relationship. You and I.

Gorgeous is the mystery!  Simple is the step.

Brightest Hope and Love,



§ 3 Responses to Gorgeous is the Mystery

  • Steve Stocker says:

    You know Uncle Steve is in.

  • Twelve sponsors so far! I need you.

  • julieannewJulie Wheaton says:

    Hi Brian,

    Just wanted to say that your accomplishments and the connections you’ve made in Kenya are amazing. Your blog has provided endless inspiration in my decision to work in Lesotho for a year. And thank you to your dad as well for talking my mom through sending a child off to Africa :) Best of luck in the future!

    Julie Wheaton

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