The Hope of Loving

April 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

Be enveloped by the beauty of this. This is what we are achieving.

Help us. Post this link as your facebook status. Email the video to your friends. Help us build the swell. And above all, donate if you are able. Every bit builds this joy.

Goosebumps and Gratitude,



§ One Response to The Hope of Loving

  • Amy says:

    You my friend are an excuisite writer. I miss your company. Though our time together was brief you have made an everlasting impact on me. You are the MOST impressive young man I have ever met. And by the way…. YOU are an incredible parent yourself. Your mom should be very proud of the man she has raised.
    Send my love to all the “moms” and tell the kids I said hello and that I think of them every day. I’m scheming of ways to make their life better. I will come up with something and I WILL return one day. That I am sure of!
    Love from Auntie Amy

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