Limitless Beginning

January 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

A new year is upon us. And in reflecting on the year behind, I am left reeling through memories and emotions I could never have dreamt I’d be holding. I am humbled by the many, mighty people who have graced my life and inspired a whole new chapter of fulfillment. Your support triumphs distance and enables me and Flying Kites to teach these children unconditional love and limitless possibility.

I am writing this message from my phone, ten minutes from the park gate of Mount Kilimanjaro. Thanks to FK, my 2011 will kick open at 19,380 ft; proof that the best way to teach bright dreams is to live them. When its all over, I will write at depth on all unfolding, including our beautiful holiday with the kids and our event at the Tribe Hotel on January 12th.

With tremendous gratitude, hope and joy!




§ 2 Responses to Limitless Beginning

  • Brian – may Kilimanjaro be “your” epiphany. Pax vobiscum,friend. Soon, Tamia

  • Sally Cey says:

    Brian- This is Sally from Nordstrom and your grandfather gave me the link to your website… I can’t tell you how blessed I have been by following your blogs and entering into your world. The lives you have touched by your selfless love and desire to make a difference in the lives of these children is remarkable. I pray for your health, safety, and provisions needed. What touches me the most is staring into the faces of these beautiful children… May God cover, protect, provide, and make a way for each and every one of them! Happy New Year. Sally

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