Energy Irresistible

November 14, 2010 § 5 Comments

At least once per day there is a definitive culmination of seemingly disconnected elements, people not yet linked, destine shifts in time and place, that suddenly (serendipitously) click into place, as if they’d been searching for one another all along.  These moments through Flying Kites often mark the reach of a new life or the shaping of a new depth within one.  In this luminous moment, the most unmistakable swell of energy climbs your spine to the tiniest hairs on your ears, and by all senses of the word it becomes totally and completely irresistible.  Every being around you can sense that radiance and the brilliant blessings of the world are drawn like moths to that glow.


These culminations run as large as rescuing children and families, finding the HIV virus in it’s earliest stages, or getting a call from your dad to say five people have mailed checks to the house to sponsor a child.  But these culminations can be small too; as small as a baby cow, a tree planted by the kids first peeking it’s ears from the ground, or the sound of a single sentence born from weeks of tutoring.  The infectious sensibility born from these moments have the ability to grow roots of their own and flower in ways you could no more imagine than the chain of events that carried you here.

Tangawizi (Swahili for ‘Ginger’): Lil’ Wizi

It has become our mission to connect the problems we face and our solution to them to a network and community that can relate to them more than any other; to build a support base in Eastern Africa; to build local stake and ownership here in Kenya.  This why I am writing you again from the bus, the bus to Nairobi.

Welcome to the Tribe Hotel.

The Tribe Hotel is run by some seriously inspiring people, who speak excellence in their own beautiful way and share our energy.  They have not only taken on our organization as a partner to promote and support, but have also donated their incredible space to more formally introduce Flying Kites to Nairobi and a greater Kenya.

On January 12th, Flying Kites will be hosting a ‘Life Lifted’ cocktail party to introduce our success and our battles to come.  2012 presidential candidate Hon. Martha Kaura is our invited guest of honor, lovely Leila and I will speak to Flying Kites, and the evening will feature performances from Jimmie Gait and a smooth funk group called Paragasha, featuring Anto Neo Soul.  Can someone say Day of the African Child?  I get goose-bumps just thinking of it.  This is an invitation only party, but the effects will resonate with similar distance and hopefully similar dance moves.  We’ll be hosting a VIP cast of political figures, MD’s, business owners, artists, media, and connectors of all kinds.  This will be a door for us into a community that we have long awaited.  On top of that, several of our kids will be tucked sharply in suits and dresses and be proof in motion.


We are so grateful to Tribe, to Hon. Ms. Karua, to Jimmie Gait, to Anto and Paragasha, to New Scholars, to our storytellers, donors, and supporters all over the globe.  It is because of you these children sparkle and know without question how valuable they really are.

As the world opens and breathes around you; remember that the only thing consistent in our surroundings the lack of predictability itself.  This can make the world a restricting place, or it can make it a limitless and spontaneous adventure.  The decision is entirely yours.  There are lives that need your lifting.

With Limitless Love and Gratitude,




”Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman


§ 5 Responses to Energy Irresistible

  • Aimee Thompson says:


  • Craig Jones says:

    Brian, you words are inspiring. You are doing great work there. I miss you and hope all is good.

  • Sharon Whitehead-van Loben Sels says:

    Very inspiring Brian. I met your parents at the Epicurean event in Spokane over the weekend. Your mother shared your website. Wonderful parents you have:) and what a wonderful work you are doing. Thank you for providing this avenue into another dimension of the human life. I teach first grade and I am anxious for my first graders to get a glimpse into the life of other children in other parts of our world.
    Sharon Whitehead-van Loben Sels

  • Blake Jones says:

    Love you Bri guy, all your writing and pictures sends me chills. America is boring!!! happy thanksgiving brother love you and miss you till the end.
    Love Blake

  • catalina barratt says:

    What a WONDERFUL job you are doing at Flying Kites with all the kids. We are sooooooo thankful to people like you who dedicate their time to all the kids there and give them personal care and love every day. We do our bit by giving but you dedicate the time and are there to console them when they need it. We THANK YOU for that. Please tell Hannah that her Auntie Catalina sends her A BIG KISS AND HUG and that I’m writing to her today. Can I continue getting your Blog? With my deepest THANKS and appreciation Brian, YOU ARE GREAT!!! Catalina

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