Fidelity Day!

July 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

Fidelity Associates, my family’s insurance company (both blood and not) in Spokane, Washington, sponsored an outing for our children and staff, for which the rules were quite simple:  1.  Eat ice cream (something almost all of the kids have never had)  2. Do something extremely fun with what’s left over.   With these supremely challenging parameters, we piled our seventeen children, three matrons, and ten volunteers into a bus bound for Nairobi and took the kids to a water slide park in the center of a beautiful shopping mall, called The Village Market.

The kids not only experienced water slides for the first time, which was extremely awesome, but also made stops in a pet shop and a toy store.  We gave each of them 250 shillings and each of them got to chose and purchase whatever they wanted and could afford at the ice cream shop, so it was a fun learning lesson for them as well. 250 shillings just happened to be the cost of double scoop, so the most adorable and challenging part of the day was choosing which two kinds to try.


They loved the ice cream and had to eat it very slowly in small bites because it was SO COLD! The kids all shared flavors and winced at my choice of coffee ice cream. I have posted several pictures below and could not be more thankful to my Fidelity Family for hosting such a wonderful and joyful experience for our children and staff.  It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference in someone’s life here.  We are beyond grateful for your efforts, and I can promise some hilarious video footage when I return to the States.

To learn more about Fidelity Associates, check out:

With tremendous gratitude and plentiful blessings,


The joy of a decision made.



Happy uncle

Happy Sarah

Our beautiful girls (minus one).

Isaac and monkey


§ 2 Responses to Fidelity Day!

  • Scott Jones says:

    What fun to read about the great day of fun and ice cream. Your Fidelity family had both smiles and tears knowing that for that one day we might have made a small difference in the lives of those darling children. You are doing great things Brian. We are proud of you and are thrilled to have helped you continue to bring happiness and smiles to so many faces. We love you and miss you. Dad

  • Mary Lemon says:

    What great photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun.


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