For Those Who Like Picture Books.

May 10, 2010 § 8 Comments

Jinja, Uganda – Lake Victoria becomes Victoria Nile River, source of the Nile River.

Two men fishing for Tilapia.

Standing at the source.

Chief of Jinja. Actually just a cow, but certainly a burly one!

Dave Betts and friend from One Acre Fund after a day of rafting.  Our tent had a similar view.

Njabini, Kenya – Elephant Mountain –  Home sweet home.


Checking homework.

Climbing Elephant Mountain.

Dr. Suess was here.

A boy named Ken, who is a member of Basic Needs, an organization representing people with mental illness.  He has been empowered with the task of raising a family of chickens for the group, once his chicks hatch a portion of them will be given to another child with disability to rear his own.  The eggs supply the family with food and the responsibility of raising the chickens give the children purpose and a way to help both the family and community.

I hope you enjoyed!  More to come!

Love Always,



§ 8 Responses to For Those Who Like Picture Books.

  • Mary Wilkns-Hunt says:

    Amazing photos, beautiful country and beautiful children!! The climb up the mountain looks challenging and yet breathtaking or takes away your breath climbing. So great to see your smiling face too!! Thanks for sharing your photos, looking forward to more. So great to hear your voice on Saturday as well. Miss and love you. Mary

  • Mary Lemon says:

    Brain, thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos. I always look forward to reading your blog and appreciate the time you take to write and share your experiences.

  • greg and sue rambo says:

    Your grandparents, Barry and Carole, are dear friends of ours. They made us aware of your blog. We have enjoyed every photo you have taken and every word you have written. We will miss reading your blog when you return home. You are a beautiful writer and we do hope you will think about a book in the future. Thanks again for allowing us to share your amazing adventure.

  • Spike & Molly Lynch says:

    Brian – Molly and I have really enjoyed your blog!! You are one hell of a fine writer. Hope that’s what you ultimately do professionally. It’s a talent you have in spades, and few do. The photos are fantastic and really help tell the story of what life is like there and how the people live. Nothing in the US can compare to it. Keep healthy! Hope to see you when you’re back here in August.
    Take care
    Spike and Molly

  • Steve Stocker says:

    Experience of a life time bud! Elephant mountain is not quite Chimney Rock at home. Great to see the pictures and you’re still looking good! God Bless

  • Leslie says:

    Brian- Just caught up with your last 3 posts. You have a remarkable ability to put us right where you are- and the photos are the icing on the cake! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I miss everyone out there so much and am very grateful indeed for the wonderful insights into life at FKLA! Leslie S-P

  • jo lochabay says:

    We have really enjoyed your blogs. We look forward to them every week. I have shared them with my best friend Heidi. She is going back and forth to Kenya right now helping the government build low income housing. Jen and Bryan are coming this weekend. They are moving to LA. Jereme is going to have her twins soon. Their names are Ethan and Luke.We love and miss you!! Take care Jo and Don Alex Zach and Emma

  • Rick Harkins says:


    I finally took some time to catch up on all of your blogging. This blog is a true treasure and a remarkable gift to all. I am so proud of you and all you are doing. The world needs a lot more people like you. Keep your spirits high knowing there are so many lives you are touching both in Kenya and back home.

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