Upward and Onward!

April 2, 2010 § 5 Comments

Hello Again!

For those who have been checking in and finding the same post, I apologize!  I am going to make my updates a weekly event from here on out.

It has been another great chapter since I last wrote.  Every day in itself is a whole season of weather back home:  a warm breezy morning, a hot afternoon, an early evening down-pour, and an 8 o’clock lightning storm.  Without fail!  The children are on April break, which here is five weeks, because they attend school year long.  Thankfully to help keep them occupied we have a few new volunteers: a Kenyan girl named Vivian who tutors the children daily, and is a great help in making sure the kids can’t get away with talking smack in Swahili.  The other two volunteers are retired, Tamia, who arrived today, and Peter, who arrives next week.  Tamia is wonderful!

In the last week, we had an awesome, whole-house dance party in the rain, a hike down to the “watering hole,” where I got to see white-tailed Columbus monkeys and teach some of the children to swim with their feet off the ground (!!!), and yesterday shared with them the greatest game in the history of the world, Priest Lake hide-and-go-seek, of which they are now addicts.  The biggest challenge of the game is keeping the neighbor kids on the fence from ratting out your hiding spot.

A video reference of our sweet dance parties:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ftU3Svqdcg  – Watch their knees!  This happen at least twice a week!

Work wise, my projects are coming along well.  I met with the Divisional Head Officer of Public Health and a team of administrators to get a more acute understanding of the health community and the challenges facing it, of which there are plenty.  We are working with a team of medical students from the States to evaluate and hopefully assist in areas we can.  Our International Day of the African Child event is rolling right along, and I was able to go and visit our Rabbit Breeding Project for the first time (about an 8 mile walk through beautiful farm land), where I had my first cup of Kenyan tea, which contains enough sugar to run a small car, and met a man who looks EXACTLY like Floyd Mayweather Jr., the greatest boxer in boxing.

I have also finally gotten very comfortable with my surroundings and am ready to begin exploring the region a bit more.  With the help of my trusty Rough Guide to Kenya, I am planning to spend a weekend in Nairobi, visit the National Museum, take a SHOWER!, eat some foods I’ve missed, and check out some of the local markets, and in two weeks I am going to meet up with Dave Betts and his sister to go rafting and camping in Uganda, AND I am going to hike Elephant Mountain behind our orphanage with a few teachers, a group of our older kids, and a few hired soldiers, which I am very excited about!  So many adventures on the horizon!

I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend with family, and I thank you all again for checking in!  I will very much look forward to hearing from some of you in the coming days, and as the great Mike Bookie often says, “Upward and Onward!”




§ 5 Responses to Upward and Onward!

  • Denny and Mary Lou says:

    Hey Brian, Mary Lou and I really enjoy your writings. Wow!! what an exciting time in your life. We have a map out to see exactly where you are. I am sure you will take advantage of seeing all you can of the surrounding area and more. Every thing is going fine with us. We are having all of Mary Lou’s family over for Easter Sunday. Should be a great day…..we hope the weather is good without rain. Take care of yourself. We are looking forward to your next writing. Love you.

  • Bettina Kjergaard Lange says:

    Hey Brian. Great to hear you are doing fine – and wonderful to keep up with life in Njabini through your blogs. Miss you all a lot but am going back to normal life as of tomorrow.
    Happy to hear that you are ready to see some of Kenya and even Uganda – I have heard great things about the rafting in Uganda – maybe you can give me some tipps for my next trip to the area :-)
    Please say hello to all the kids and everyone else for me – I think about you all and dream about you too! Love Bettina

  • MBookey says:

    Thanks for the shout out…and excellent writing.

  • Todd says:

    That dance party looked awesome! Those kids are lucky to have you in their lives. Tell Betts to wear sunscreen when you see him. Miss ya buddy!

  • MK Zellers says:

    Hi Bri!
    Just wanted to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying your updates and look forward to reading about all your adventures each time I check up on you! Sounds like your doing incredible, but who expected any less. I am looking forward to spending time with Blake and your parents this weekend and hopefully Ry and his parents when they come in town for Mom’s Weekend at Wazzu! Miss you very much!! Love you

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